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VIDEO: Rob Sincavich, president of Team Sledd, shares his Tune® experience of delivering significant savings to his customers in the convenience store channel.
In December of 2021, Team Wow joined fellow Domino’s franchisees RPM Pizza and Cowabunga Pizza on their quest to save significantly on the energy used in their stores. Tune®is exceeding Team Wow’s expectations,delivering raw year-over-year savings of 15% and savings of 16% when weather is factored* using US Department of Energy standards.
Serra Mazda (today a Hyundai dealership) is located in Trussville, Alabama. The dealership includes a showroom, offices, service bays, and a well-lit lot of new and used vehicles. A 12-month study by CHI Energy revealed that the dealership achieved kWh savings of 11% in the showroom, 14% for the parking lot and sign lighting, and 11.49% for the entire dealership.
Henkel has set a 20-year goal to triple the value they create by positively impacting the environmental footprint made by their operations, products, and services, known at Henkel as “Factor 3”.
Heavily dependent upon seasonal variables, electrical consumption at the Caribe averaged about $250,000 annually. With high humidity and elevated temperatures in the spring, summer, and fall seasons, air conditioning and cooling costs contribute significantly to the Caribe’s expenses.

When the 2020 show was canceled, the Starnes had time to evaluate the savings from their July 2020 Tune®installations in their home and horse training facilities.

Like all multi-unit and multi-purpose buildings,the Hilton Garden Inn-Atlanta has a significant electric bill. The hotel installed 11Tune®devices across 28 breaker boxes with the electrician daisy-chainingdevices when possible.

Today, quick-serve restaurants are built to provide similarenergy consumption across all locations. For a company likeKrystal, with a more than 30-year history, stores vary in age andconstruction.