Pinnacle Center 4

Pinnacle Center 4

Pinnacle Center 4 is a 3-story, 103,000 sq. ft. office building in the Pinnacle Hills area of Rogers, Arkansas. The building serves as the northwest Arkansas headquarters for Johnson & Johnson and many other professional businesses. 29 Tune®devices were installed in March 2020, just before work-at-home orders were issued due to the coronavirus pandemic. This proved to pose a unique challenge when determining the Tune®impact.

Accounting for COVID-19 in our impact evaluation

Compared to a baseline of previous years, May, June, July, and August of 2020 saw Pinnacle Center 4’s raw KWh usage drop by an average of 34%. However, to accurately assess the savings attributed to Tune®, we needed to adjust for the reduction in occupancy due to COVID-19. According to HatchData,* commercial building kilowatt-hours declined by 22% in the southern region of the U.S. during the pandemic. This 22% adjustment was applied to determine the true Tune®impact.



*HatchData ( is an industry leader in energy data analysis, specifically in commercial real estate.

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