Wheeling University

Wheeling University

Tune® reduced kilowatt-hours by 12.5% and gave engineering seniors at Wheeling University the invaluable experience of a real-world application.

In 2016, Wheeling University’s College of Engineering used Tune®for their EGR481 Capstone Engineering Project with their senior students. Aligning with their mission to examine new technologies, students conducted a 14-month installation and measurement project in the 155,000-square-foot McDonough Athletic Center.

In the first two months, 11 Tune®devices were installed in the Athletic Center, which boasts two gyms, a pool, and offices. Following their training, the students selected comparable “control” buildings on campus and established protocols for collecting and evaluating data for the remaining 12 months.

Data was collected and compared at 2, 4, 6, 9, and 12 months, resulting in a 12.5% KWh decrease in consumption and ~10% increase in electrical savings.


“It’s an invaluable experience when our students can see such a forward thinking technology applied on campus...”

Robert Yahn, Wheeling University


Observation Highlights

  • Control buildings experienced increased KWh consumption and costs during the project.
  • Ease of installation and low cost make Tune® a long-term solution for public and commercial buildings.
  • The project was a success, with more Tune® installation expected on campus.



*Formerly Wheeling Jesuit University