Tune® has released the latest edition of its white paper prepared by Andrew Naples of SAGACIS. The white paper is the definitive report of Tune®'s capabilities across verticals and installation scenarios.
Tune® reduces total harmonic distortion by more than 30% on hot phase wires and more than 45% on the neutral line. With anecdotal reports of 10 to 15% savings from numerous installations in solar homes, Tune® jumped at the chance to get some hard data from a client’s off-the-grid solar home in rural South Carolina.

Tune® minimizes peak demand charges at RPM Pizza. Reducing the Tune® investment payback period from 20 to 12 months. In May 2020, RPM Pizza was finalizing its decision to roll out Tune®to almost 200 of its Domino's stores. To help with their decision, they installed web-enabled data collection meters from Honeywell in several stores.

Tune® partnered withTeamSledd and trusted distributorLiberty Energy Solutions to create a comprehensive three-year study in the C-Store industry. C-Stores are vibrant and busy locations. They also produce excessive electrical noise, known as harmonics. Harmonics create unwanted heat — wasting electricity, and causing premature failure of critical equipment — a perfect scenario for Tune®.
Tune® filters announced a partnership with the world’s leading tradeshow organizer, Informa Markets, to install portable electric panels at their yachting and boating shows as part of their exhibitions organizer’s sustainability ambitions.