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VIDEO: Rob Sincavich, president of Team Sledd, shares his Tune® experience of delivering significant savings to his customers in the convenience store channel.
Serra Mazda (today a Hyundai dealership) is located in Trussville, Alabama. The dealership includes a showroom, offices, service bays, and a well-lit lot of new and used vehicles. A 12-month study by CHI Energy revealed that the dealership achieved kWh savings of 11% in the showroom, 14% for the parking lot and sign lighting, and 11.49% for the entire dealership.

Today, quick-serve restaurants are built to provide similarenergy consumption across all locations. For a company likeKrystal, with a more than 30-year history, stores vary in age andconstruction.

Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen is a quick-serve restaurant specializing in authenticLouisiana fried chicken. A favorite wherever one opens its doors, Popeye’s isalways busy and uses plenty of electricity.
After 2 years of extensive testing, RPM executives have installed Tune® devices enterprise-wide. In the fall of 2020, filters were installed in 170 existing stores and are being added to new locations during construction.
Upon hearing whatTune®could do for them, they decided to install seven stores in Georgia. EachDomino’s location averages 1,500 sq. ft. in size, including kitchen with oven,heat keepers, refrigeration and other temperature controlled food storage, andvarious customer wait and dining spaces.