C-Stores. Vibrant Environment. Significant Tune® Savings.

C-Stores. Vibrant Environment. Significant Tune® Savings.

Tune® partnered with TeamSledd and trusted distributor Liberty Energy Solutions to create a comprehensive three-year study in the C-Store industry. C-Stores are vibrant and busy locations. They also produce excessive electrical noise, known as harmonics. Harmonics create unwanted heat — wasting electricity, and causing premature failure of critical equipment — a perfect scenario for Tune®.

The Tune® Impact on C-Stores

Tune® devices were installed in 12 convenience stores, and results were analyzed for one year. The year-over-year savings were astronomical, saving an average of $1,500 per store. Following are some of the results.

“Over the three years, we have had no Tune® issues or service calls.”
Richard Peluchette, Liberty Energy Solutions

“It has really saved me a lot of money... working maintenance free for over a year and the savings are at least $550.00 a month. I would recommend Tune® to anyone.”
Joe DeFazio, DaFazio Oil

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*Sales, installation, and evaluation by our trusted distributor, Liberty Energy Solutions LLC.