The electrical systems in your workplace are untuned because of equipment and office machines of all types.

Many of our customers record even higher savings, between 15% and 25% reduction in electrical usage per month.

Business runs on efficiency.

And it runs best when you control costs. Your business facility and its equipment are part of that overall efficiency. Even if you have a more mindful eye toward smart environmental practices and cost savings, electrical use is just one of those accepted costs of doing business, right?

Maybe what you don’t see can cost you more than you think.

From heavy manufacturing and rack arrays to office computing equipment, electrical loads have done nothing but increase. Even with many improvements over time, the truth in many ways is efficiency has gotten worse. Because inside your electrical systems are large amounts of electricity generated in the form of harmonics which increase costs of use and heat buildup inside your equipment causing shortened lifespan and failure.

Take the Tune® Challenge for your business

Introducing Tune® Filter for Commercial

Installing Tune® will calm harmonics in your system...

...and save on monthly electrical use and maintenance across your equipment and appliances so they last longer and work efficiently.

For Tune® Filters to work best, you will require one filter per sub panel, so a typical business will need two or more. A Tune® consult can assist you for free to determine your need by contacting us at

We also offer Tune® + Installation

For an additional $79 per Tune® Filter, residents in and nearby the Northwest Arkansas region have the option for + installation to be included with your order. We are working to expand this service. Please check back or contact us at

Tune® results speak for themselves!

“We are not only saving money, we are already seeing savings in maintenance... I don’t get 5 calls a day about the issues at the new pumping station since we installed the filters.”

Rodger Lingerfelt,  Mayor of Rainsville

Tune® can help you meet reduction goals

Tune® Filters are the right fit to meet reduction goals for large and small businesses of any type. Along with using zero electricity, they can bring added efficiency with LED retrofits and other smart technologies.

“In 2016, our electric expense was $48,060 compared to $37,260 in 2017. That’s a savings of $10,800, or 22.5%.”

Brett Grayson, Attorney and General Manager
Hanna Capital, LLC

Tune® can save on maintenance

Do you deal with constant maintenance failures, LEDs expiring sooner than expected or high heat issues across your facility? Tune® Filters can mitigate the harmonics that are at the root of these types of problems to reduce their occurrence and the costs to fix.

About the Tune® Filter 

The patented Tune® Filter is an electrical filter using time-tested technology to filter damaging harmonics and expand efficiency in your electrical system. Its design is compact and simple to install by a qualified electrician. It’s environmentally sound, requires no maintenance and consumes zero electricity. 

Tune® Payback Period 

Depending upon the region of your business, most time-tested setting showed the Tune® Filters paying for themselves over a 12 to 24-month period or less in reduced usage bills and savings on equipment maintenance.