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VIDEO: Rob Sincavich, president of Team Sledd, shares his Tune® experience of delivering significant savings to his customers in the convenience store channel.
In December of 2021, Team Wow joined fellow Domino’s franchisees RPM Pizza and Cowabunga Pizza on their quest to save significantly on the energy used in their stores. Tune®is exceeding Team Wow’s expectations,delivering raw year-over-year savings of 15% and savings of 16% when weather is factored* using US Department of Energy standards.

Tune® is perfect for your restaurant.

From the front of the house, to the back office, your restaurant uses more electricity than ever. Kitchen devices and appliances, refrigeration and cooking to computers, HVAC and lighting, restaurant owners can use a break wherever you can get one. Tune® reduces your electric bills at the source. Once installed, it works around the clock to deliver savings you can see.